After losing the love of his life, a Professional Paraglider pilot searches for meaning by embarking upon the most daring series of mountain flights in Canadian history.

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The Above + Beyond Documentary Society presents:

A documentary by: Benjamin Jordan

The Endless Chain

(57 min)

Colour | 1080p | 16:9 | Stereo | Canada | 2019


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Short: An overzealous man attempts to become the first paraglider to fly above Jasper National Park's Endless Chain Ridge. What he fails to consider are the 1200 km of Canadian Rockies he has to cross in order to get there.

Full: Since signing up for a paragliding course 14 years ago, Benjamin Jordan had dreamt of completing an unpowered aerial journey, straight up the spine of the Canadian Rockies. He imagined soaring over glaciers, landing high in the alpine, bathing in turquoise waters, then flying on as he made his way over 1200 km, from Montana to Prince George, BC

But there was a catch. Nobody had ever done it before, and for one, very good, reason.

Join this unprecedented, Aerial and Mountain Adventure as you soar across British Columbia & Alberta's most impressive mountains. And brace yourself for the darkness, as Jordan reveals the inner struggle, mindset and motivation, required to push forward in the face of such risk.

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Press Release for the New Film
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April 1, 2019 - Nelson, BC - Not yet available. For more information please email

Press Release for the Expedition

Jan 01, 2019 - Nelson, BC - Last summer, Benjamin Jordan realized his life long dream of flying his paraglider along the entire length of Canada's southern Rocky Mountains.

From Rooseville, Montana to Prince George, BC, the 37-year old, Nelson-based filmmaker flew his wind-powered aircraft across some of BC's and Alberta's most rugged wilderness while having to make strategic landings atop mountain to avoid electrical storms or touching down within the forbidden boundaries of Banff National Park.

Despite the many challenges he encountered along the way, none compared to the psychological struggle of sitting alone in the alpine for weeks at a time, waiting for poor weather or wildfire smoke to clear so that he could fly on. Able to carry no more than 12-days of food, Jordan would occasionally land in populated areas to refuel before heading back up into the nearest summit to re-launch.

Of the entire expedition, Jordan was most nervous, and excited, about soaring over the glaciers and alpine lakes of Jasper National Park, North America's only National Park to allow Paraglider travel. Though its remoteness and mystery have caused pilots to stay away, Jordan dedicated a complete year to studying Jasper's unique topography with the ambitious dream of becoming the first person to fly across her entirety.

"I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked down upon the razor sharp ridge of The Endless Chain!" Jordan expressed, describing the moment he realized he had become the first human to free-fly over Jasper's famous unbroken line of peaks.

Despite extended waits between flights, his fortune continued for 50 consecutive days until the unprecedented levels wild-fire smoke of late August left Jordan with no choice but to complete his 1200 km, un-supported journey on foot. During a 4-day (214 km) walk from McBride to Prince George, Jordan had time to reflect on his unique accomplishment while stepping into the record books for the Longest Vol-Biv (Fly-Camp) Expedition in America.

The above map, hand-illustrated by Jordan, depitcs each flight (red) and portion which had to be walked (green) of the unprecedented, 1200km journey.

The Making Of
Most epic paraglider films require big budgets. Not this one. An ex-fashion photographer, this Toronto-born 38 year old adventurer loves finding new ways to shoot his solo journeys without heavy influence from film teams and fancy helicopters. He pairs authentic vlog-style storytelling with breath-taking scenery of Canada's rocky mountains to carry us on a journey like none other.

On a trip like this, space and weight matter most, so the equipment had to be stripped down to a hand-held camera, a go pro and an audio recorder. Each of these items Jordan kept in simple zip-lock bags and recharged on his 7-watt solar panel. This strategy worked well until half-way through the expedition when British Columbia was hit with its worst fire season on record. From that point, his panel worked at only 25% capacity and he was forced to make the most of the three minutes a day he could get out of his video camera.

Once Jordan reached his destination, Prince George, he teamed up with his girlfriend and spend 21 additional days re-visiting key points on his route to capture additional b-roll footage as well special perspectives from a drone camera.

Director Biography:
Benjamin Jordan grew up in Toronto, Ontario and broke into the world of visual arts through pursuits of fashion and advertising photography. In 2006, Jordan and three friends rode their skateboards across Canada, during which he discovered his passion of producing Adventure Travel Documentaries.

He remained out West and has since focused all of his energy into partnering with sponsors, to produce documentaries and publicity, through his unique brand of inspirational and philanthropic adventures.

Prior to completing his record-breaking paraglider voyage from Vancouver to Calgary last summer, he was spending time in Malawi, creating the infrastructure needed for the country's first Paragliding School: The School of Dreams, which opens to the public this year.

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