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Flying in Jasper National Park
Vast and Wild, very few pilots have taken to North America's only National Park to allow paragliders to both launch and land. During this expedition, I became the first paraglider to cross its entirety and I couldn't believe what I saw. Here's a glimpse.

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Public Film Extras
Rough edits of footage, not included in the documentary.
Crossing The Divide
The Continental Divide is the highest point in North America and the line which determines whether a rain drop will flow out to the Pacific or Atlantic and crossing that sucker is no simple matter. This video shows extra footage from the West to East crossing that I was not able to include in the film.
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The Endless Chain - Official Trailer
To redefine his concept of manhood, a paraglider pilot pushes his mind and body to the absolute limit during the most daring series of Rocky Mountain flights in history.
Exclusive Extras
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Finding the Can
While camping behind Yellowhead Mountain I found a relic from the gold mining era. Check it out!
Discovering Paradise
Where am I going? Sometimes it's better not to know. Keep going just a bit further and you never know what paradise you might find.
Alberta Storm Song
Alberta Storms mean Business ..that's one of the major lessons I had to learn on this expedition and those lessons are what this original song is all about.
Mosquito Vlog
Tiny, but mighty, while living outside for so long, I've encountered nothing more challenging than the constant presence and tenacity of mosquitos. But there's hope. Here's the full rant from the film as well as a complete, perfect solution! :)
Finding a Launch
Finding and hiking to your next launch in the wild, Canadian rockies is no simple matter. Here I discuss a strategy I've used time and time again to minimize suffering and maximize flying.
Flying in Banff National Park
I consider myself lucky to be amongst the privileged few to have soared over Banff National Park's pristine wilderness.

Illegal to land within her boundaries, in order to make this flight, a pilot must commit to a complete crossing either across, or along. In my case, I committed to both. :)
All about Peanut Butter
I couldn't do what I do without this golden spread. Here are a mosaic of encounters with the most delicious food on earth.
Expedition Preparation
Every great journey begins with a single step ..and sometimes those steps mean tripping, falling flat on ones face, and then carrying on. :)
Ask Benjamin - Ep. 1 - Camera Equipment
Many people have asked about which camera equipment I use during expeditions. The answers are simpler than you may think.
Packing The Harness
How do you fly with all that stuff? I hear this a lot. Watch as I pack everything you need to survive for weeks on end to my paragliding harness pre-flight.
Pushing Through
After four days in the wilderness, I finally found my groove. While walking six hours deep in to the back country, fully loaded with 25 kg, to reach my next launch, I discuss concepts around pushing through discomfort.
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