"The Endless Chain" is a Documentary Film by award winning Filmmaker and World Record breaking Athlete, Benjamin Jordan. We are presently in a pre-release stage of The Endless Chain where individuals can Sponsor the film project in exchange for the priviledge of Downloading the Special Edition of the film today, as well as the International Edition in the Fall of 2017, once the film has begun its festival run. Come Fall of 2017, The Endless Chain will be officially released in many languages which were voted for by the Sponsors of the film. Languages will include German, French, Norwegian, Spanish as well as any other language that receives at least 500 votes through the website theendlesschain.com.
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Rough edits of footage, not included in the documentary.
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The Endless Chain - Official Trailer
To redefine his concept of manhood, a paraglider pilot pushes his mind and body to the absolute limit during the most daring series of Rocky Mountain flights in history.
Exclusive Extras
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Expedition Preparation
Every great journey begins with a single step ..and sometimes those steps mean tripping, falling flat on ones face, and then carrying on. :)
Ask Benjamin - Ep. 1 - Camera Equipment
Many people have asked about which camera equipment I use during expeditions. The answers are simpler than you may think.
Packing The Harness
How do you fly with all that stuff? I hear this a lot. Watch as I pack everything you need to survive for weeks on end to my paragliding harness pre-flight.
Pushing Through
After four days in the wilderness, I finally found my groove. While walking six hours deep in to the back country, fully loaded with 25 kg, to reach my next launch, I discuss concepts around pushing through discomfort.
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